What to do first to settle down in a new country?

...buy a SIM card for your mobile! Kind of weired, isn't it?

I was at the drug store just around the corner. It took me about 15 minutes to get the thing working, not because of a lazy shop clerk, no because there have been about 100 customers buying all sort of products.
Now I'm starting with step two: where to get lunch?


The lost hour

The European countries changed to daylight saving time this night. As today was my birthday, my last day in Switzerland, the last chance to hug my sweetheart I missed the extra hour...


Living in a small world

When walking back home from the office this evening I passed Federal Council, Mr. Ueli Maurer. He was just by himself, no bodyguards. I don't expect to meet Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh in Mumbai; if yes, that would be cool :-)


What I leave behind...

After a hard winter with temperatures usually below zero degrees Celsius spring has arrived. I enjoyed having a coffee in the streets of the UNESCO world heritage old town the last days. I will have this beautiful picture in mind when heading to Mumbai in a few days.